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with FX done in Hitfilm.

We got the silhouette dance video done (in the end).  I still think we could have blended Alfie into the video a bit better but matching the camera pans and zooms was enough of a challenge. In the end the logo was removed using vdub and logoaway and then added back in with a text layer.

A few of the FX are done using tutorials posted from the Hitfilm YouTube community or advice given here so many thanks for all your help.

I'm sure Alfie would be interested in your comments  on the video :) 

<edit> .. but, of course, any comments/questions welcome here as well.



  • Fun piece!  I think you did a really nice job blending the silhouette shot with the original Sia video footage, and the other effects shots were nicely done as well.  Oh, and the end song made me giggle. :)

    On the crit side, my biggest wish is for better audio.  Levels are inconsistent: great during most of the shots you captured yourself, too loud on the neck crack in the dance, and too low on many of the bits you borrowed (like the original dance footage and Pewdiepie bits).  On a related note, the music on the dance footage was out of sync.

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    @jsbarrett glad you enjoyed it.

    Audio... The neck crack we did deliberately loud to make sure it was obvious what had happened but we might have overdone it.

    For the 'borrowed' bits... completely agree and this is where we have a problem. I'm using Hitfilm for editing as well as compositing while my son sticks with PowerDirector. I have always found the audio adjustment in PowerDirector a nightmare with the timeline fiddling. I prefer the db slider/input change in Hitfilm.  I just need to convince Alfie to get familiar with Hitfilm as an editor.

    Your ears/eyes must be better than mine as I can't see/hear a problem with the dance footage. It's possible something happened to the dance/music sync during the vdub processing.  If you mean our footage with the music then we are a little out. I really wish we could get better audio and video feedback real-time but our space and setup makes it tricky to do that.

    Finally, we made an effort to light the shots better this time. We were lazy with a few shots by not setting up the lighting rig. The camera we have suffers with slow focus shifting at low light (e.g. when 'Sia' calls Alfie).

    We're getting better. The less mistakes we make the less re-takes we have to do. We just need to make sure that when we do re-take we don't rush it. :)

  • @tonyg Re: the audio sync in the dance shot, the original audio and video are out of sync.  The video feels like it's maybe 6-8 frames late, making it  lack punch on the dance movements that are timed to the beat.  My eyes and ears are all right, but it's more an attention to sync details after years of working in animation and video production.  That and I've watched the original numerous times (love that live performance!), so the sync issue really jumped out at me.

    Re: the borrowed bits, what are you using to capture footage from YouTube videos?  Assuming that whoever posted the original was paying attention to their own levels, you shouldn't need to adjust the volume much (if at all) during editing.

  • Hmm...

    maybe it is all the messing to remove the logo then. That's a shame.

    We use Shadowplay  to capture the footage... maybe we need to take notice of the recording levels there.

  • @tonyg Overall, I had my fun with this! The man on the right was my personal highlight of the video  Really like the editing. I'll have to agree with jsbarett here, the audio was a little out of sync during the dance footage, but this is something you can work on. I'll look forward to your next film! As a beginner I really like to see others share their work and also learn from them. 

  • @bakerlee  thanks. It's nice the kids still humour an old man :)

    Alfie did the editing and I think he did well (somewhat biased). When we find time we'll go through each stage to find where we went wrong with the audio on the downloaded footage.

  • @tonyg His acting was definitely on point  

    Hopefully you're planning to post your results once you're done going through your project to see what went wrong with the audio. 

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    Tracking back and narrowed down the issue(s)

    The audio in the YouTube footage was a little low (using Shadowplay) but could/should have been adjusted in the edit... that was just a mistake.

    The audio/video desync for the Sia dance footage occurred between the vdub/logoaway step and outputting as an mp4 from Hitfilm.

    Vdub outputs an avi file. The avi was VERY poor (jerky, crackly etc).
    In an attempt to correct it I loaded into Hitfilm and output as mp4. This solved the video issues but there was the audio/video desync. 
    Unlinking the audio and adjusting by 6-10 frames made things better. As @JSBarrett mentioned the dance matches the beat making it easier to resync ( the timing of the dancers is astonishing).

    So, I am 99.9% certain it was the vdub->avi that caused the problems. As it's not a step I'll be using often then not a big problem and it can be corrected.


    P.S. ... and made much easier now I know I can change the size of the audio wave :) 

  • @tonyg What settings did you use with VirtualDub? Usually using Vdub to output a Cineform AVI with uncompressed audio is one of the better ways to go.

  • @Aladdin4d hmmmm... at the moment I just select Save as AVI (or F7) so haven't changed any output settings. I had a look through the vdub menus and settings but couldn't see anything.

    How would I find/change those settings?

    tbh I should really read up a bit more but only got it for this one task. 

  • @tonyg This is for VirtualDub Filtermod and there are some differences but it should be close enough to the standard VirtualDub to get you started.



  • thanks @Aladdin4d

    You might have shared this with me before. I'll log it for the future ;-)

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