Hitfilm Pro Crashed, Now I Lost My Project

So I was working on a hitfilm project that ended up taking me atleast over 4 hours. As time passed, a hitfilm crashed occurred out of nowhere saying to contact support. I wasn't to nervous since I knew hitfilm had a recover option when you opened hitfilm once again after it crashed. When I did, it gave me the recover option to go into my file manager and get it back, as I did this, I noticed it did not at all save my file, is there somewhere I can still be able to recover it, please help.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If you go to the File Menu, then Options you can poke around the autosave settings and see where those files store. Note they're probably named "autosave >number<" so you'll need to look at file creation dates. 

    Otherwise, you'll probably need to contact support. 


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