Video Editing extremly jumpy / is it me or my footage?

Hey guys 

So first port of call, specs are:

Windows 10

Nvida Geforce 840m 4GB

Intel i7 4510u  2.00Ghz 1600 Mhz


1TB HHD and 40Gb Flash

So essentially been trying to edit heaps of my gopro footage from my ski season. However when ive converted it in the gopro studio converter and bring it into hitfilm it runs like super stuttered and is slow to track around the footage. 

Thought it may have been the converted go pro footage but it's the same with MP4 footage as well. Gopro footage works well in the go pro editor (but isn't as powerful as hitfilm)

My sister's mac has similar specs and she doesn't have trouble editing footage on it, so just confused why my laptop with similar specs hits issues.

Would really love any support and appreciate you taking the time to reply!


All the best!




  • edited July 2017

    Same here, Express 2017 too laggy/jumpy.  But not on all projects, just some.

    Not sure what I can do :( 

  • I think you're using compressed footage which means your CPU is overtaxed to decompress footage as you scrub around on the time line. Transcode into DNxHD or ProRes codec using, for example Shotcut (it's free). The file size is much bigger but it's easier on your CPU. 

  • This video by @Triem23 should be a must-watch for everyone.  Very detailed info on how to optimize video footage for editing in HitFilm.


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