NewBlueFX wants to know if users care that Stabiliser does not render in HitFilm Pro

At least, Caleb sent me a link to a new post on their support site with a counter thingy in it, and that's the only thing that has happened since we'll, "2017” -- HitFilm 2017 that is! :-)

I wanted to point it out as it's the only reason I bought the NewBlueFX bundle of HitFilm Pro 2017, and it seems they haven't had anyone notice other than me, or maybe that's how they do all of their bug fixing...


The link to their support ticket is:

If you don't like clicking on web links from folks online, good on you from a security perspective, you can find this by going to the NewBlueFX site and searching for Stabilizer spelled with a z.

Thanks, Chris


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