Hitfilm 3 pro & Hitfilm express 2017

I purchased Hitfilm 3 Pro Back in 2015 when it it 1st came out, and would like to know if I down load the free add on pack that I received in the email  and the Hitfilm  express 2017 will I have two separate instances of  Hitfilm on my computer  ????


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    I think you're actually discussing three separate items. 

    If you download and install Hitfilm Express 2017, you will have two instances of Hitfilm on your computer. Both versions will run and they won't interfere with each other.

    3 Pro projects can load into Express 2017 (although Pro Onmy features and effects will be stripped from the project). Express 2017 projects can not load into Pro 3.

    Hitfilm Ignite Express adds Hitfilm effects to OTHER software and is NOT an add-on to Hitfilm. If you don't use Avid, Premiere, Ae, Vegas Pro, FCPX, Resolve, Motion, NUKE,  EDIUS or Catylist Edit you can ignore Ignite Express entirety. 

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                                        Thanks Brother.... BTW-- Your Tutorials are awesome  


                                     So should I down load the free effects /add ons in the email , will they work in pro 3...what are the pro's and cons of down loading express  


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ignite Express won't add anything to any version of Hitfilm--Everything in Ignite is already in the actual Hitfilm software. :-)

    Pros and cons of Express? Well... Pro has several features Express just doesn't have. 3D models, the Particle Sim and Camera Projection are good examples. So with Express 2017 you'd be giving up some functionality. On the other hand, Express has several enhancements and new features that aren't in 3 Pro--such as the new Audio mixing panel, auto alignment features for layers, lights, cameras and objects, as well as a hell of a lot of other tweaks. Otherwise it's a bit intangible.

  • Ahh  My Bad  T-23   I now  understand  what you meant   with  Ignite...sorry...Just pulled it back  up in my email ....ok cool... brother Im good.....  but  does the pros  outweigh the cons  on having to instances  of  HF...????

  • TWO..!!!


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    The only thing about having two versions of Hitfilm installed is you can still only run a single instance at a time, because of the way the proxy system works. I would also recommend, if you installed Express 2017 that you check in the Options for both versions just to make certain cache and proxy directories are in the same place (file management--keeping the drives clean).

    Otherwise, there aren't real advantages or disadvantages other than the different capabilites of the software. If you don't own other editing programs, you might (for example) keep Pro 3 running to do anything involving particles and 3D models, but render those shots out out Pro 3 and import them into Express 2017 for your final edit, since Express 2017 has new and updated editing tools.

    I currently have Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, 3, 4 and 2017 Pro and Express 2017 installed on this computer, but some of that is to answer questions from users on earlier versions (so I don't mistakenly answer a 3 Pro question with 4 Pro features--as an example, 4 Pro really updated the materials settings for 3D models), and the rest is, if I'm building presets for Javert's Hitfilm Marketplace I build in the earliest possible version for comapatibility reasons.

  • OK.. sorry , a bit of a time lag there,,,  so  I guess Im good with pro 3 until I get the money up to upgrade  to 2017 pro......Thanks  again T-23,   from day one  ( January 2015 purchase date ) man you have always been right there to help and  I want you to know I really appreciate you man...you're a cool dude and Im happy to witness you rise to the top  in this field.....

                                                      Keep on Rockin


                                                                 PEACE !!!

  • wowwww... so you have all versions on a single computer...thats craaaaaazzzzyyy......You must have  a super computer memory....If  I download express im gonna reach out to you because Im not sure I know what you mean by keeping the system clean and what I would need to do...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Yeah, You're probably good with Pro 3 until you upgrade. To a certain extent it depends on what you're doing. If you're doing a lot with models and particles, you absolutely want to stay on Pro 3. If you're doing mostly editing of video then Express 2017 has advantages--especially if you do a lot of audio editing.

    One of the more thrilling things in Hitfilm 2017 is the new audio mixing panel. Full faders for audio levels and pan positions that can be keyframed. Which is why I tossed out the possibility of a "hybrid" workflow of rendering advanced animations from HF 3 then doing the Editor Timline bits in Express 2017.

  • I mostly been doin music videos, and have a whole other computer with  "SONAR"   Digital Audio Work  station ( DAW)  so the audio is pretty tight before I bring into HF.....

  • Thanks again T-23   have a good night brother !!!!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    You're welcome. You also have a good night.


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