Paying by debit card or PayPal: which leaves most money for Hitfilm?

If you pay by debit/credit card or PayPal, which leaves a bigger cut to HitFilm? I've always assumed PayPal takes more but I'm not that confident. I've got a Visa debit (not credit) card, specifically.


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    I would pay using Paypal, 2 layers instead of 1 layer.

    As for the cost difference, that is relative to you, and nothing to be concerned about as far as HitFilm goes as they get the exact amount of money they are asking for anyway.

  • @Yeremyah FxHome does not receive the money they ask for (that we pay). They pay fees on the transactions. Their real net is less. Some fees might be off the top or paid in bulk on a statement cycle but it all washes out. What matters is the percentage of the fee.

    I believe the OP is wondering which method costs FxHome the least and therefore nets them the greatest real resulting payment.

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