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So here recently I have been thinking of switching over to Hitfilm Express 2017 as my main editor. I love almost everything about it, and it runs really well on my not so high end computer. There's just one draw back, I can only have 1 timeline/sequence per project. While this may not seem important, it is for my workflow. See, since I am working with unsynced audio and video, I like to be able to have a completely separate timeline dedicated to syncing the audio and video, that I can then pull from, into the "main" timeline. It isn't a complete deal breaker, but if this feature was added, there would be no question: I would switch to Hitfilm in a heartbeat!


  • Use the composite shot function

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    To elaborate on @Jayrim 's suggestion, drop your audio and video into a new comp.  Sync them there, then drop that comp into your main editor timeline.

    You could also sync them in the main editor timeline, then select them both and tell HitFilm to link them (right-click, choose "Link" from the popup).  That way they won't get out of sync as you edit.  Any editing operation you do to one will be done to both.

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