Odd result when editing footage into sections

I am getting an odd result when I edit footage into sections.

Imagine a lap around a track that measures 28 seconds from in point to out point.

Now  imagine that same lap in a second window where every 5 seconds you halt the playback, introduce a 4 second pause, and then resume the playback from the very next frame.

When I add up the section lengths (excluding the pauses) the total time is about a second less than the original 28s unedited clip.

This is baffling me in that I am not reducing any frames at all from one version to the other. I'm literally starting from the same frame and ending at the same frame.

The way I am doing this is using the slice tool to create the cuts, advancing one frame and then slicing again. I then take the extend tool and then stretch that single frame to 4s. I then line up the footage using the white bar zoomed in so that it immediately resumes after the 4s is up.




Using the select tool, if I go to "duration" for each of the non-paused sections, add them all together, I end up short 1s despite the total lap being from exactly the same start and finish frame.

Any idea how I am getting this result?

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