Feedback on my Show Reel

Hi guys,

Just finished off my show reel, let me know what you guys think and if i need to change anything!

Also check out my artstation, would love to follow more people on there too, Cheers.



  • @Anteki Good stuff there!  If your goal is too find work in the field, I would guess that it should prove to be very easy for you in the film or television business as more and more green screen shooting is being done today.  Hope to see your work there some day soon.

  • I agree with tddavis. Very nice reel and hope you make it rich! ;)

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    My honest and constructive feedback.

    1. The music is too "heavy with guitars", but at same time putting me to sleep. Choose a more powerful and drawn in piece, e.g something like Andries De Haan does.

    2. I felt "bored" after the 15 second mark, and started to skip through, but that should never happen in a short powerful show reel.  Something to consider.

    3. Ask yourself, what will separate my show reel from everyone else?  Give that some thought and apply.

    All the best :)

  • Actually, for me I give additional points for the Jimi Hendrix inspired music. 

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