My attempt at the HUD effect

i would love to what you think.....


  • Pretty good, has a little story and the use of the tracking was great. Maybe make the Hudson a little less close to the face, but nice going.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The HUD elements could probably be a bit smaller so they don't overlap, but pretty good. 

    Your uncle will be annoyed! ;-) BTW, nice use of a screen white-out to hide the transition between the background with the car and the clean background. 

  • ty for the comments... and i do agree about the Hud being further way and a touch smaller, i think the other problem i had was the fact he moves his head to much to the left or the right, despite asking for little movements... but we had fun none the less :)

  • Actors huh, can work with them can't work without them ;)


  • lol, like marriage lol

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