Frame Blur

Curious why I have what appears to be blur between frames?

Shutter speed?


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    What's the frame rate of the footage vs the project? That looks like resampling to me. 

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    Frame rate of footage is 24fps as well as project settings/export. Camera settings: ISO 200: Shutter speed 200.

    I'm thinking I might need to be around 500 on the shutter speed?

    I'll experiment

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    OK. Follow up for- what it's worth.

    Shutter speed was just one little part of my problem. I did bump it to 500. Also my G7 has a i.dynamic and i.resolution setting. When on they really bring "blur" (artifacts) into the picture. Turning them off was huge help. 

    Also the camera has a "curves" setting for shadows and highlights. Bumping them to +1 and -1 respectively seem to help a bunch too.

    Also I found that if I recorded 4k/24fps and resized down to 1920x1080 that  the apparent artifacts are much less noticeable. ( I recall now seeing this comment in the last week from a Pro users here.)

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