How can I change my camera format to fit HitFilm required formats?

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My camera video format is .AVI How would I be able to change that to fit HitFilm's requirements?


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    Thank You!

  • @LeoMessi13

    .obj is a 3d model format not a video format.  I am confused as to what kind of camera would use that.  Most cameras will use .mp4, .avi, etc.  One of mine uses .m2ts.  I use a program called xrecode to convert files to different formats but there a Hitfilm University youtube tutorial on video optimizing that might help you.

  • Thank you! Yes, it is .AVI


  • @LeoMessi13  You're welcome and there's no need to apologize.  All questions are good questions.

  • What type of video is contained in the AVI file? AVI can contain many different video types and Hitfilm and/Windows does not support all of the by default.

    Can you give us a MediaInfo report? The utility is free and you can copy and paste the text format output of the program directly into a post here.

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