Thanks to the hitfilm veterans!!!

havent posted for awhile but wanted to say thanks to all the hitfilm veterans that run the forum. Triem, Axel, Simon, spider monkey, Javert with inscape and several others to name a few. Just entered a big film challenge in my hometown and I utilized everything hitfilm for all the effects, but not possible if  for not the gentlemen named above.  Here is the film if you guys would like to check it out. Again, thanks for all the help when I needed it.


  • tuckerkras12 Holy crap, I loved the ending... what a great twist.  Good job! 

  • @Tuckerkras12 Well firstly as a Dad you got the emotional response from me (sniff). Secondly the ending just makes it all make sense, I have to be honest I was like what is happening this makes no sense, but then the end, just ties it all up the middle can be whatever the girl wants it to be, clever.

    Technically I liked the sign replacement and the light sword fight, nicely done.

    Good luck.

  • Andy001z and Anderson01498, thanks for the comments guys.

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