[ANSWERED] How to create new projects

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How do i launch or is this only tutorials,  I cannot figure out how to actually get in, to actually use HitFlim4Express, just lots of tutorilas do i have to look at all the tutorials before i can actually use it


  • The New button on the left?

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    File/NEW/choose template etc/Start Editing is one way to get in.

    If you want complete beginner help, then watch this:


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    Perhaps a tour of the interface would help. 


  • It certainly does look a little bit cluttered when you are first to the launch page, but don't worry, all you need is on the left hand side. There is Launch NEW which then will ask you if you want to create a new EDIT or COMPOSIT shot, either is fine, but if you plan on playing with the VFX side maybe start with the Comp. If however you want to bring all those lovely movie media together then the editor is the place to go.

    Good luck and have fun.

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