New Night Light Maps - NASA

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My NASA feed alerted me to some new night  light maps released so sharing here. The single jpg is 13500x6750 and wraps pretty decent around a sphere. Use curves and crush the dark blues a bit and boost the whites , add a glow and you got yourself a decent night side Earth shot.



  •  @GrayMotion  Hey, thanks for the heads up.  I've added it my Earth tutorial folder and will try replacing that night time map with this.

  •  @tddavis You might not be able to overlay it onto other maps because of it's size. I tried with some 8k textures but the coast line was a tad off. All and all a good night side map for closeups though.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    @tddavis Yeah, matching different earth maps is difficult. Remember, satellite maps are stitched together from hundreds (thousands)  of tiles and the base data will be affected by the orbital distance of the mapping satellite and the lens/sensor properties of the camera. You might have to do extensive photo editing to match this map to another. 

  • Ah, good to.know.  I never thought about all that.  I'll play and see what I run into keeping that in mind.

  • Pretty cool, nice look.

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