@inScapeDigital I crafted a new Intro using your Template - Tell me what You think!

Big thanks to @inScapeDigital for this template:


I used it to make my new intro:


Let me know what you guys think :)


  • @CaptainWARLORD  Very good reuse of the preset to 'bend it to your will!'  I like the motif you got going on.  The dark colors and earth tones really fit; plus it sort of looks like an eye with those light rays...

  • Technically the intro was made by @AGArtsCo, but I'm glad I was able to help you find it by putting it on the Preset Marketplace!

    I agree with tddavis, the dark brown tones fit together nicely.

  • @tddavis Thanks :D

    @inScapeDigital Fine, I meant to say "thanks for providing it". Of course I appreciate the artist's work :) His/her name is in the template, obviously.

  • @AGArtsCo Thanks for the template, sir/madam. I love it! :)

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