I am a editing a youtube video which is 25 min long (GAMEPLAY WALKTHROUGH) , when i go to export it after 1 hour or so it says failed to push sample frame rate .

GPU : nvidia geforce GTX 1050Ti



  • Dollars to donuts it's variable framerate footage, so have a look here:



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Palacono is right in that it's going to be variable frame rate footage, and you'll need to transcode that to a constant frame rate before editing in Hitfilm...

    This video discusses the whys, wherefores and hows of transcoding.


    Once you've transcoded, find your original footage in your project in the media pool, right click, and select "Replace" then select your new file. This will replace your VFR footage with your CFR footage without having to re-edit. (That step should have been in that video...)

    Now I don't think VFR footage usually causes crashes. Fail to Push Sample is a GPU error. Are your drivers up to date on that 1050ti?

    What else are you doing to/with the gameplay walkthrough? Are you using color correction, text overlays, speeding up and/or slowing down segments or anything like that? Or is it straight trimmed footage?

    Anyway, try the transcode, then try outputting again and see if that fixed it.

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