Problem with my computer on HitFilm 4 Express

Ok, so my computer is not at all the best computer to do big projects on H4E, ( MacBook Pro 2011) so I was working on a project in the composition and my computer starts going very slow (because of all the info in the comp) so I change the resolution from full to quarter, it didn't really change anything, then it froze, ( thankfully I saved it before it froze) so I forced quit H4E then I opened H4E back up, then I tried opening the file, but then H4E stops responding (only on that file) I know it's because of my computer, all I need to do is export the file. Can I do that, somehow, without going into the comp itself? Any help, please, would be great! Thanks in advance :) 


  • Is your footage on an external hard disk like a drive or usb drive? That could slow down the working process. Try importing your footage on your computer first if that's the case...

  • My footage was on my computer, thanks, we figured something out!

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