My first video clip with HitFilm 2017

Hi everyone,

My name is Baptiste and I want to share with you my very first production entirely realized with HitFilm Pro 2017 !

It’s a musical clip filmed on green screen and it amounts to about 70 hours of work.

Enjoy it and please don’t hesitate to rate this videos and/or ask a question in the comment box below.

Thank you:-)


  • @BcomCreator  Being a West Kentucky hillbilly, I cannot comment on the content because I only speak English and remember a smattering of German from 2 years high school a looooong time ago, but I'm pretty sure that was French.  However, the production quality is definitely as good as any I have seen on TV on the music  channels, and the background music was a big, pleasant departure from the usually for this style of song (not really my style of choice but it was different than the usual so listenable for me.)  Good job pulling the keys from the green screen; I never caught anything that looked out of place.  I think it's a good, solid entry in its genre.

  • @tddavis thank you for your comment ! Indeed I'm French and by the way please excuse my English ^^.

    Your comment is a pleasure to read for me . In fact, the chromakey in hit film in much more "setable" than other soft I used and the most difficult part of the keying was the hairs of the dark clown. However I think it's passable ^^

    Thank you again

  • @BcomCreator  You're are most welcome, and no need to apologize for your English.  I can absolutely guarantee it is far superior to my French.   Yes, hair is the biggest challenge in chroma keying (at least for me), and you are correct that Hitfilm has the range of settings to compensate that.

  • @BcomCreator I love the style of that video

  • @JMcAllister Thank you for your comment ! 

  • Bonjour @BcomCreator tres bon.

     Pardon je vais continuer en anglais.
    Very moody and dark, from what little I could understand I think that is the point. I like the grade and the blend with the backdrop and the lighting at the table is nice too.
  • Is the rapper in sync with the lyrics in all the clips? He seems slightly off in a few of them, but locked on in others.

    Could well be me not speaking French, :) but when someone makes an 'm' sound with an open mouth it doesn't look quite right.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @BcomCreator Good work! I like the particle clouds/distortion for the background, your forground footage is nicely shot and graded, the edits are smooth. I like how in some shots you manipulated the key to let the clouds bleed through dark areas of the foreground, letting the highlights define form. The few shots with the moving camera had a solid track.

    It looked to me like the lip synch drifted off the music in a couple of shots, but it's raining here and my internet is lagging, so it could be ok, and just my internet lagging.


  • Hello @Triem23 and @Palacono !

    Thank you for your comments ! In fact, this is not really an un-sync because the rapper work this music for stage too and with a different beat rate (You can see different beat rate on a same shot). So when I told him there was a difference of beat rate on shots it was unfortunately too  late  :( We had just a day of shooting in a rented location and no way to record again with the same set.


    To be honest, I hoped that nobody note this "error" ^^

    But maybe and probably because it's my first edit on HitFilm I don't saw the way to make a "false re-sync" on different parts of one sequence.


    ps: Again, please excuse my English. I'm not sure myself to understand the totality of my text ^^ 

  • Hello @Andy001z

    I believed at the first line read that you were French :D

    I'm very happy that you like the compositing. It was a little bit hard to play with lights on it. So if it's a success, I'm happy !

  • Merci, Ayez un beau film and keep up the good work....


    PS: Reference to the Italian spy in SPY movie who is english or italian you never know.... love that.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
    edited March 2017

    If you know the BPM of the track he lipsynched to and the BPM of the track you edited to, you should be able to stretch the footage to the correct speed. 

    Divide (BPM video) by (BPM lipsynch) then use Speed/Duration to change the speed of the video by that amount. 

    Example: Rapper was listening to a 112bpm track, video is at 120bpm


    Speed/Duration 107.1%

    It should work. 

    31:20 in this video is the Speed/Duration tool. It is in English.

  • Thank you @Triem23 !

    Now I know it for next times. Before, when I was on final, to correct those problems I used the "speed grade tool" but when I was editing on HitFilm for this clip I do not knew where searching the same tool and found this too heavy to insert key curves so I chose to don't correct to respect the deadline project.

    However, I will try your tricks on few rushs to compare the effect :) ans still convinced that HitFilm is an edit soft that never end to surprise me !


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hitfilm has a full, keyframeable "Speed effect" in the "Temporal" group. It's kind of hard to use. It IS the only tool for ramping. 

    But, for rap the beat is steady for pretty much the whole song, so Speed/Duration and a little math is the best way to do it in your video. 

  • I see what you mean ! I'll cache that in my brain :)

    Thank you @Triem23

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