The 2017 Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competitions are NOW OPEN!

Feature, Short Scripts, and TV Pilot submissions are invited for the 6th annual Shore Scripts Screenwriting Competition

With our prestigious panel of Judges, including Oscar and BAFTA winners and affiliated production companies, Shore Scripts offers new screenwriters unrivalled access to the industry.

With prizes including meetups in Hollywood with producers and agents, script consultancy and software, this year’s competition offers an unparalleled opportunity for new screenwriters to launch their careers.

Early Deadline Ends 31st May 2017 $43 (£35). 

Further details on submissions, deadlines, and more can be found at 

Get your work read by the people who can make a difference!


  • £35 per entry. £120 odd for meaningful feedback!

    That sucking noise you can hear is every wannabe writer being milked of cash. If this really were about discovering new talent, it would be free, instead this is a barely disguised attempt to sell script feedback and editing services.


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