My new short film trailer!

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Hey everybody! This is the trailer for my new short film. I am aware the sound track clips a lot. Next time I will make sure to get a better soundtrack, but I think overall it came out really well. The short film will be released soon so subscribe to TCM Films to see that and other tutorials put out by me and my friends.


  • @TCM_Films  Your quick edits really ramped up the action for me.  It made it seem like an action packed trailer, with minimal footage.

  • Nice job on the edit there, was quite intense. Now I'm waiting for the full feature :)

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    Really nice job! Nice editing, the soundtrack and the cuts work really well together. 

    Watch your meters, something is wrong when the meters are reaching red all the time. A couple of muzzle flashes look cartoonish which kind of breaks the effect of this already engaging trailer. It would also help to light up some part of your actor when the gun fires (e.g., duplicate, brighten up, and mask the face and arm)

    Anyway, it's a really well done trailer. 


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    • I agree with you about the muzzle flares. I had a lot of problems with files getting corrupted and I had to         re-due them to get the trailer out on time. I will re-due the flashes again in the actual film with better stockfootage and illumination.
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    Agreeing with everyone else. Fantastic video edit, sound is clipped, and a couple of muzzle flashes are sitting right, but, heck with it... You can fix that for the final film. 

    Great title! 

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