3d Camera animation / keyframing

OK, here is what I want to do. I want to have a 3d camera fly in towards a 2d image of a floor space, then I will have that camera fly through the floor and reveal something under it. I want the camera to fly in then turn and fly down. a) is this all key framing or is there a simpler way. Tracking a point?


Any recommendations on good tutorials to learn from?




  • Depends on the motion. Now, when you say a tracked point, I'm assuming you mean grabbing a real camera, moving it and using a mocha solve as a motion path? Could work, but I'd plan "reference objects" carefully to be certain good planes are at a correct scale distance for the animation scene. 

    Tutorials? There are some scattered camera tutorials (Hitfilm channel. Axel's HF2U Camera Tutorial is still the best)  and other tutorials with good camera hints (Simon's 3D Unrolled tutorial with the plane in the cloud bank has some camera hints), but I can't think of a single tutorial that covers camera functions AND complex motion rigging (yet).

    Some general hints. Cameras can (of course) be parented to points, if you rig a camera to a pivot point, directly along an axis (this would be Z in a default setup) then it's easy to get closer/farther by animating the "Z-position" of the camera. So a pivot could be just below your floor with an easy keyframe to move the camera towards the pivot. Then, for the direction change, move the pivot! 

    Remember with HF 4+ a camera can automatically align to a point layer (Point of Interest/PoI). So you can animate the PoI, which can be easier for orientation than rotation keys. The PoI can start on the floor, then move to whatever you look at past the floor. Also, a camera's rotation animates independent of, but relative to a PoI (so if Camera Y-rotation is 45 then camera points at PoI, then 45 degrees offset). 

    So it's keyframing, but not as hard to set up as you think. Auto-align in Hitfilm was a real game-changer. No joke. When PoI got added I redid a shot in-progress where I'd spent hours keying rotations and it looked terrible. I scrapped the old animation, added a PoI (which was the extant spaceship model) and built a better camera animation (a simple X-axis rotation atop the PoI) in under a minute! 

  • Thanks, I think the 2nd option is what I was meaning. I'll have a play but things still mad here so no idea when I'll get some vfx time.

  • @triem23 Morning, well I managed to grab an hour on the computer last night to play with camera moves. Things I noticed/learnt was that my point which is moving on the Z then rotating on the Y( Ithink), to move down seems to work if I then have my camera use this layer. I had to add keyframes to the camera to make it rotate on when the point moves down (not sure if I did this right, are you meant to make the point rotate?). Using keyframes with smooth made it rotate to soon so I had to make them fixed (I guess I can add more key frames to make it smooth at some point). The other thing that I found challanging was scale, having the camera in the right place to see my hole(mask) in one place and look through to the plane below. In all I think the shot I am designing wont work so I am going to think again.

  • well i would in my camera motion select alignment toward target position.

    so make sure your camera reset. to start of with

    so in your keyframe you are only concerned/focused on your target so simply rotate and move camera  via the rotate icon and the up/down/left/right/  and dolly in/out.    in other words our camera motion is all visual = what you see is what you get.  the rotate is simply to line your horizon mostly z

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