Hitfilm Pro 2017 Recent patch crashes on exit

Hi, not sure if the bug report made it automaticlly to Hitfilm but since I upgraded to the recent update of Hitfilm Pro 2017, when ever I exit the software (which I mostly do using the little cross top right of the app) it reports to me that Hitfilm has encountered an unexpected problem and would I like to send the details to Hitfilm. Not sure if this is just my build but thought I would report it.



  • If it's asking to send a crash report, one is being sent. If it's not, then, well, it's probably not. 

    FWIW, I'm NOT crashing on exit in Hitfilm Pro 2017 Update 2, or Hitfilm Express 4 Update >current<. I'll give the old standby suggestion of triple-checking that your GPU divers are current. That's a triple-check for you 'cuz I assume you're already good at keeping up on these things, but Nvidia rolled out two new driver updates for the 980m in 2017 already. My most recent driver update has a Feb 13 release date. 

  • Yeah drivers should be tip top I'm using Nvidia driver manger. It might need a fresh install.

  • I'm using the Mac version of HFPro 2017. It crashes at exit, too.  My work isn't affected so I just close the pop up and move on. 

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