My music video - Something lost

Hi everyone,

I've never posted anything here before, but I hope someone will find it interesting. It's a music video for a tune I made and it's done completely with Hitiflm.  Inspired by the recent scope tutorial by Triem23, I decided to try to make the visuals using scope effects rendered to layers. There are 3 scope effects, each controlled by an instrument track (piano,/strings/guitar). The scopes are rotating to give a pseudo-3D look.;


  • @CineGobs Very nice! Looks like you've really go the hang of it.

  • That's fun! I think that also makes you the first person I've seen do a full scopes-as-mograph vid, not counting the lower thirds I built. I like a lot! 

  • Great look.  What I find impressive is that you even thought to use the scope tutorial in this way .  Kudos!

  • Thanks guys. :)

    One of the really great things about HitFilm is that they add a lot of functionality to the effects that maybe at first doesn't seem so useful, but gives you the possibility to "misuse" the effect for things it wasn't meant for.

    Just look at the particle system. It's a pretty scary effect to navigate at first, but it's extremely powerful. 

  • Ok, Scopes are pretty granular. What did you do to smooth it out? I wanna know. 

    Particles are ridiculously powerful. 

  • @Triem23:
    First I set the color bit depth to 32 bit (which makes a lot of difference), and then I added a Bilateral blur, and tweaked it until it looked ok.

  • @CineGobs That was way cooler than I thought it was going to be. Nice job!

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