How do I move a keyframe with precision?

I know you can drag one or more keyfames left and right, but how do you place it exactly at a certain point? Let's say I want to place it at 13 seconds and 10 frames. How do I do that?


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    The time is displayed just above the timeline. Right Click and you can swap it to frames if preferred. Click on any part of it and you can edit it to....13 seconds and 10 frames and it will move the frame marker there.

    Insert Keyframe. :)

    This response also works for the question "How do I set a Keyframe at Frame 400 ?" 

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    I'm afraid I don't understand how you mean. Right clicking the timeline gives me three options: "Scroll to playhead", "Set to contents" and "Set to view"

    I may have been vague in my description, but what I'm wondering is how you move an existing keyframe 

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    @magstorm To move a keyframe, you simply click on it and drag it to where you want it to be. To give you more precision, you can adjust the zoom slider found on the bottom left of the timeline to zoom in or out of the timeline. What I like to do in order to place a keyframe exactly on a frame (for example, 13 seconds, 10 frames) is left click on the timer, set the exact time and hit enter (therefore moving the playhead to that exact spot). Drag the keyframe close to that spot, then zoom in using the zoom slider and drag the keyframe to the exact position of the play head. You can move the playhead forward or backward by using the comma and period keys to dial in the exact placement as well. I hope this helps!

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    @magstorm ; The time is displayed just above the timeline.

    Create a new one and delete another elsewhere or slide an old one to the specific time you want.

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