Video sound going skipping with 10 or more seconds ?!

OK so I made my first project yesterday. It was a game video. It was made from 4 separate videos. Now First one was okay video and sound were matching like 100 % But when I added the 2,3 and 4th they all had the same issue. The sound at first was going with the video then it started going further and further. By the end of each video the sound goes ahead like with 10 or more seconds for no reason what so ever... I play the video to see if its from the video itself, but its not.
So why does this happen ?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Your game screen recording are Variable Frame Rate and must be converted to Constant Frame Rate. 

    Players can deal with VFR because they don't have to be frame accurate. 

    Now you need to read this thread.

  •  What do you mean Variable Frame Rate and must be converted to Constant Frame Rate.
    The video I made is League of Legends. I tried with Overwatch and Overwatch was just fine no sound speeding up what so ever. I only have it on LoL why is that? And if you ahve the answer please give me more details.

  • Read the thread I linked. This is a very common issue--so common, there's an entire thread dedicated to it, because, to be very blunt, we're all tired of typing out the same answer over and over and over again.

  • ok so using handbrake with the settings in the link you gave me makes my video quality like SHIT! Firtst the sound quality is super bad ! 2nd the video quality is SUPER bad like 30 fps BS ... Didnt fix my issue what so ever ...

  • @HaTeD from your description it sounds like something didn't go right or get set right. I'm not not sure what's up with the audio quality because I don't know what you were starting with. Second I'm not sure what you really mean by "bad like 30 fps BS". If you were following the directions and chose a frame rate of 30 fps then that's what you're going to get because you are doing frame rate conversion to convert footage with a variable frame rate to a constant frame rate. If you want a higher frame rate then you have to choose a higher frame rate to convert to. Again I don't know what you're starting with. If you download and install the free Mediainfo and use it to get a report on a source clip you can post here then somebody can give you more detailed advice.

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