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Hey guys , do you know any good sites with free sound effects ? ( or with little cost ) . and also , i was wondering how you can make your own sound effects ... THX !!


  • There are a tone of websites that offer soundeffects, google royality free sound effects and go with the most reputable sites. Of course free means your have to hunt through a tone of crap, but I've found enough to get by at my level (non-pro). Oh and if you don't know, Youtube sound library is also free and can be good place to get you started.

    Making sounds is an art and a skill, I have had a go, take one mobile phone , record your sound of choice, take it into something like Audacity and play with it until you get what you need. In fact I saw a video from a sound designer that said the art of combining / layering many sounds to get the right sound is key.

    Good luck.

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    Making sound effects is so incredibly easy, however making it sound good is a challenge. I highly recommend setting up a software mixer like Audacity or better in Reaper, so that you can look at your scenes in complete silence, and then manually mix in what sounds makes the most sense.

    These guys give you A LOT of high quality sound effects for free, no limitations:

    This video has proven to be helpful to get inspired mixing sound effects:

    The more sounds the better. It's literally night and day difference, and we're all looking forward to hear and see what you come up with - practise makes perfect!


  • Also, search this forum.  People have posted links to literal gigabytes' worth of free sound effects here.  Sound companies often put out sampler packs for free in order to get you hooked, so that you then go buy their libraries.  Some of these packs are quite huge; I've gotten around 40-50GB worth of sound effects just by keeping my eyes open right here.

  • For our college event, we used the audio services from freeman audio. They guys have some good stuff. Their sample works are mind blowing.
    They are free to use If you need I will upload it.

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