How do I add my web cam footage on top of my game play.

Hello everyone,

As you can see by the title I'm struggling to figure out how to put the footage I've recorded of myself on my webcam in the corner of my game play videos as I am trying to make lets play videos for youtube. I've been searching the internet for a while for a tutorial on how to do this and I can not find one. So is this possible? and if so is anyone kind enough to explain to me how to do it? 

Thanks in advance 


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    @Palms Tree  It should be possible by putting the two video into layers on top one another (game play on top, you under it) then create a mask with the mask tools where you want you to appear on the game play layer.  This will let the layer below show there. and all you have to do then is resize the you layer until it fits into your mask area like you want. This may be a goof starting point for masking info if you haven't seen it already:

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    It's easier than that. 

    Put your game on track 1 of the edit timeline. Put your cam on track 2. Open the Controls panel for Layer 2 and twirl open the Transform controls. Reduce scale to size, adjust position to place. 

  • Hi thanks for both of your responses I've found that reducing the scale seems to be the easiest way for me to do it however I have come across another problem.

    So when I record with my webcam my voice is recorded through my microphone, If i play back the video of me speaking to my webcam it works perfect.

    Soon as I drop the recording into hit film editor the audio becomes out of sync with the visual video. Even though when i place the video in the editor the audio automatically comes with it. Is this because I've scaled the track? 

  • @Triem23  I always seem to go at things the hard way. 

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    @tddavis there's always multiple ways to do things. Sometimes the mask and place below method is the better choice (I suggested that exact same workflow to another user two days ago). But he's doing a mirror replacement, so that also let's him sandwich grunge, glass and reflection under the main video. 

    For a simple window overlay, plop it on top. ;-) 

    PalmsTree, I should have mentioned this earlier. Game recordings and web cams (also phones and tablets) record variable frame rate. Hitfilm can't deal with that.

    Watch both the tutorials here:

    And read this.


  • Add Drop Shadow effect to it in the Editor too. :)

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