First time posting a video

I have made a new intro to the educational videos I do for the company I work for. Thought I would post it and get some feedback from the fine folks in the Hitfilm community .

VGT Intro


  • The sound at the beginning hurts my ears. It's like a cross between an ice pick to the ears and the sensation of nails on chalkboard.  Maybe lower the pitch and the volume a bit so it's not so brain scraping. The visuals are nice and smooth. I really like the drawn neon outline of the lettering, but once the letters start to short circuit, there seems a repetitiveness to some of the shorting at intervals along the line of letters. Maybe make it more chaotic so there's no apparent pattern ?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Pretty much gonna agree with DLKeur


  • I like, the sound at first is a bit strong, but its only short. The neon works well.

  •  I think that it would look a lot more professional if you reduced the scale of the intros.

    Job well done, sir ¨looks great!


  • Thank you all for the feedback on the intro, I will work on implementing  all comments discussed and re-post the updated intro when I get it done.  

  • Here is revision 2 of the intro. I changed the pitch and lowered the volume a bit of the first part. I Scaled down all visuals by 20%. Could not figure out how to do more randomness of the flicker on the neon Path setting.  

    Intro Rev 2

  • Significantly improved. I think you got it!

  • Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I appreciate all the help that everyone gave.

  • Looks and sounds great! I think I like the first half of the first version better before scaling down. But hey, what do I know? I'm just here to complicate things.  ;^)

    On the youtube page where each vid is located, if you go below the vid and select 'share' then copy the link and paste it directly into the dialog box here, you can post your vid without having the page switch to youtube. Make sure the time setting just below the link is set at zero if that's where you want it to start. Just a thought.

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