[3D Planes](Graphic Violence) I made a new Channel Trailer with Hitfilm 4 Pro: What do you think?


I'm mostly using Hitfilm the learning-by-doing way and after watching an introduction to the 3D Projector effect, I made myself a snug little transition with 3D planes which I used in my new channel trailer.

Go take a look and tell me what you think :D

Do you like it or not?

PS: This is not self-promotion. I just want an objective opinion. Thanks :)


  • @CaptainWARLORD  An interesting use of the projector effect.  I have watched the tutorial on it but not really played with it but that looks quite useful to me.  On a side note, any woman (or man for that matter) that can move a car like that with the swing of a bat is not someone to mess with! 

  • @tddavis Glad you like it :)

    FYI: I used 3D planes with the Projector effect, the Mystical Fire effect, camera movement, 3D placement to create a dimensional step effect as the logo travels towards and behind the camera, transition effects.

    Fun fact: I had a different song running at first, then changed it up and... it fit almost perfectly. I cut it to size and rearranged it with the first part so that it sounds as if the smack starts the beat and, I seem to have a talent for this, the rest of the song fit automatically. I haven't changed up anything other than that. This has happened to me multiple times already and each time it blows my mind xD

    PS: Maybe I really am an alien? :P :D

  • @CaptainWARLORD  Years upon years ago, I used to transfer 8mm film to video for friends and word of mouth after that, and I also got the warm fuzzies when the music synced up with the images.  It just made more special.

  • @tddavis I'm too young for this kind of stuff :D

    How do you even do that? Since you can't attach a cable or anything...?

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    @CaptainWARLORD  It was done admittedly old school by using a projector with a variable speed control to project the images into a little box through one side onto a mirror at an angle then onto the front side at a 90 degree angle was a piece of translucent glass and you put a video camera in front and adjusted it to fill the screen with the image and hit record.  Since there was no digital editing back in the day all editing had to be "in camera"  and believe me those camera were no where near the quality of today!   The quality of the transfer wasn't that great (by today's standards) but since most people had lost the ability to watch their home movies by the late 80s they were happy with the results.  I have since been sending out my old films to be laser scanned frame by frame into 1920x1080 images and then compiled into video with MUCH better results.  It isn't the cheapest way to go but considering all my memories on film are from the 70's up to the early 80s it's worth it!

  • @tddavis Ha, that sounds exciting :D

  • @CaptainWARLORD  exciting?  Far from it.  It was so tedious in those days.  If only I could take my computer and Hitfilm back in time to then I'd be a god... Heh, if only I could go back in time!  But now that I think about it, Hitfilm wouldn't have the internet to connect with; even the old BBS boards were running on 1200 baud modems then and there were few of those and cost like the devil in long distance calls.  Damn...I just had a flash of how old I've gotten...  It doesn't help to know that the late Carrie Fisher and I are only a few months apart in age.

  • I'm putting these here because it seemed appropriate ;)



    These were done with a wet gate, an old projector reworked with a frame by frame controller, an LED light panel firing in sequence, a machine vision camera and the results assembled by Avisynth scripts.

  • @Aladdin4d  Those are a some excellent transfers.  I have never heard of that process.  I'm down to my last 800 ft but I am definitely going to look into this process.  Here's an example of what I did back in the mid 80s on the left and what the laser scans today that I have done for me look like up on my googledrive.



    It's not video unfortunately, I just used stills real quick.

  • @tddavis This isn't really a guide but all the important bits are covered one way or another here:


    If you were starting from scratch and enjoyed it as a hobby this is a great way to go because you have the most control over the process without breaking the bank. In your case I think I'd stick with the scans unless I knew I'd be doing more.

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