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  • @Shooter99  Thank you for that.  I love adding to my video effects library for that maybe/someday need, but I am wondering how you got that nice even black ground outdoors and still able to have the snow lit?  Great job.

  • tddavis
    Thank you.
    I make tutorial on this later this week or next week.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    These are nice gifts to the community. 

    @Shooter99 I'm going to go ahead and merge your two threads of free stock. That way users can find both clips easily. I recommend keeping them in a single thread for that reason. As you add more clips you can update the title of the thread (maybe "Shooter99's free stock footage: New Clip >date<!" or something similar?). 

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    Triem23  Ok, fine by me... :)
    Edit. And i try to be nice as possible, cause i am nice pal... :)

  • Here is one more...
    This time, no more snow, something more useful for all.

  • Hey all,

    I also created Facebook page where i also add stuff and try to link there new stuff if some reason i don't remember to do it here...
    check out, if ya like to...

    Don't have to if you don't wanna... :) /Cheers

  • Nice! 

  • Something awesome this time... Cause everyone loves fire...
    Here is fire blast Giveaway pack...

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    Love smokey, thank you so much :)

    @Shooter99 will you create a video tut to create your intro?

    And is there a (c) on your background music?

  • @Yeremyah this tutorial shows the volumetric light techniques that would have been used for that intro.

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    Cheers @Triem23 , I've seen that tut before, hence, you will see my comments/questions on it.

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    @Triem23 with the tut above that you posted, at around 1:50secs, Simon says to use "Light Rays".  But I do not see any "Light Rays" under Lights and Flares.   

    How do I get Light Rays as I need it to complete the tut?

  • Anyone else know?

    The tutorial @Triem23 posted above, at around 1:50secs, it says to use "Light Rays".  But in my Express 4 I do not see any "Light Rays" under Lights and Flares.   

    How do I get Light Rays?

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    How did you make these?

    My camera isn't high end by any stretch, it's a T3i, but there's noise when I try this. Is it daytime with a black sheet infront?

  • My previous comment seems to have never posted in this thread.

    @Yeremyah Light Rays is a paid add on for HFE. Available in the store. 

    Try a zoom blur, instead. It will have a similar look. 

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    Cheers @Triem23.  But Zoom blur doesn't seem to give same affect as Light Rays on the video :(

  • It won't, quite, but it's as close aa you'll get without buying the add-on. 

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    I hear ya @Triem23, cheers.

    BTW, I can't find "Light rays" in the store?

  • Shooter99 if we go too off topic, let me know and I'll split off some of these comments to a new thread to keep your stock giveaway nice and tidy. :-)

  • Sorry 99 ;)

    Any more freebies? :)

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    This is 4th time i am typing this message so hopely it stays here for this time...
    I use always music what is free to use any purpose or CC0 lisenced music same with sound effects.

    As Triem23 sais, i used that volumetrical light tutorial as basics of my intro.

    What else, can't remember anymore but hopely here is mostly all...

    You can find me Here, Youtube and Facebook if you got futher questions, i also crated facebook channel for my Youtube channel so those sould work fine if you got something secret chit chat... :)

    Edit: Oh and yes, i have lot's of freebies coming but haven't had time to cut and edit those lately...

  • Awesome 99 ;)

  • Somewhere to start

    I made tiny brick explosion png sequence just for those who is here in forum...

    That is pretty rough but i am working on something better atm... :)
    Hope ya like it... oh and i used Green backgroud so you can study bit choma key usage... :)

  • @Shooter99  Hey, thanks.  Love your stuff.  Don't know when I'll ever use it, but when I first started to learn modeling something I read in a manual stuck with:  'Build a library.  Don't waste time modeling something that has already been modeled.'  I've taken that to apply to VFX stuff as well. So, I created a folder just for Shooter99 stuff on one of the externals.  I am embarrassed by how many I have now. 

  • tddavis  Well as they say, sharing is caring.
    I really don't like to do things what have been already made but as photographer i have learn stock items are cool but when you create those yourself you don't have to ever never worry any change with owner lisences or other stuff, i know i got always full right's everything what i do.
    And i am just nice guy, i love to give others something and that way they may have question, how he did it and then they have to learn it way or another and that is my main goal.
    Share stuff so others can have fun and learn something new... :)

  • I looked up the camera you use, the Nikon D810, wow, it sure is expensive, you must be wealthy to buy that? :P

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