clip audio playing in timeline but no mp3/wav music files heard

hey everyone, just wondering why no mp3/wav music files will not play in hitfilm? I encountered this problem only about a month ago and I've been doing my final edits in imovie due to this issue. I'm running hitfilm 3 pro on mac. any help would be appreciated


  • Get an ID3 tag editor and take a look at the files. If there is more than one ID3 tag Hitfilm will have issues with the file, so strip them out. 

  • what's an ID3 tag and how do you strip them out?

  • An ID3 tag is metadata in a file that contains information like artist, genre, album, track number, album art, etc....

    Long story short, there are two implementations of ID3 tags, they don't really agree with each other, and no organization has standardized the format.

    This lack of standardization can cause issues with some software, including Hitfilm. 


    Depending on if you are PC or Mac, you might be able to edit ID3 tags right in your file browser or media player. Googling "edit ID3 tags in >your OS<" will tell you how to do that. Or Google "free ID3 editor for >your OS<" will bring up many free options. You could even find ID3 editors fir Android or iOS.

    Anyways, Hitfilm doesn't like multiple ID3 tags, so just use the editor of choice to delete excess tags--especially duplicates. Artist, Album, Title and Track Number are pretty much all you need. Anything else can go. 

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     screenshot of the info panel of the song in itunes. It says there are no ID3 tags at all

    UPDATE: Even songs I've used before don't work now so I think it may be a problem with the software

  • @orangepeel - Your screenshot hasn't loaded? Could you maybe upload one of the files that doesn't work for you so we can take a look here?


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