(Resolved) Wire Removal effect

when i use 2  trackerpoints  for start/end in wire removal, the position of both crosses (start/end cross on viewer) have a very strange position to the real wire removal. the position of both crosses is not the same like the wire to remove on video...

you know what i mean?


  • No, sorry that was not clear to me.

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    ok. i try it to describe it.

    i set to trackpoints at the wire to remove.  set both tracker  to newpoint "upper right" and   "down left".  using wire-remove, give  start (wireremoval-effectpanel) the layer "upper right" and end "down left". but the start and endpoint is not the "wire" on video, i must change position manually x and y , to remove wire an the cross on viewer (start-end) is on complete opposite position to the wire... this afternoon i make pictures for explain...

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     First picture for explain... both tracker set to new points.


    second pict... at red circle the startpoint wire-removal. the red x is the tracker


    and here in blue (left) is the wire to remove, but both tracker (start/end) must be placed somewhere other then wire...




  • @chigruf If you have Pro 2017 today's update has a new wire removal effect

  • i use the new wire removal effect..

    can you test the same with two tracker that parented to start/end? have you the same result?

  •  @chriguf I can't today but I will try it soon.

  • @chriguf This is normal, albeit confusing. In the wire removal effect, when you pick a layer for the start and end points, the position property becomes an offset from the point. The viewer is a bit dumb in that case and shows this as if it was an absolute value.

    I can see in your first image that "pointdown" isn't on the rope but on the boat instead (the point is at the intersection of the green and red arrows in your image), maybe that is what is causing your confusion? I would suggest to remove your Wire removal effect, make sure that both your "pointdown" and "pointup" points are in the correct place for the duration of your comp and then add the wire removal effect again and pick your two layers again.

  • so, now i see the problem. i was fixes on this two white crosses and have forget, that one tracker was not positioned on the wire himself.

    now i have make an new tracker placed on the wire, and this effect  work perfect.

    sorry for my confusion.

    problem solved..

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