Hot damn! more fractal generator types in 2017

This is not mentioned anywhere I know of. Now I gotta play with these and see what we can get. Hopefully we can get closer to an Andrew Kramer look in some of his AE tutorials.

I found out about this by scroll through the Wishlist indexed items and noticed the "more fractal types" item in the list crossed off.

@AxelWilkinson Maybe add this to the DOCs whats new page. Maybe also, mention the timeline zoom scale has more steps. 

@Triem23 You were setting up a what's new post. Don't forget this one.


  • Norman, you're right, that hasn't been listed in the what's new. Found them myself in the beya  after noticing the new distortion types (since it's pretty obvious the distortion effects share equations with Fractal Noise). Tony Cee (NxVisualStudio) and I shared a high-five via Facebook, but, yeah. It's a small change that makes a huge difference.

    Yes, these new noise types bring Hitfilm's fractal noise more-or-less in line with Ae's.

    Norman is right @AxelWilkinson it's a change deserving more attention. 

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