Vegasaur 3.0 updated for Sony Vegas 14 (UPDATE Mar 8. 2017) ULTIMATE S TOO!

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  • @Triem23 I'm happy to report Vegasaur 3.0 is working fine with Vegas 14. I'm debating on whether I should wait for a new version of Ultimate S or try Excalibur because it's already updated for Vegas 14

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    @Triem23, could you please tell me why you need Ultimate S? What features do you need most?

    I'm asking because I'm the developer of Vegasaur and I want to hear user opinions.

  • Ok, first of all if you are a Vegas Pro user--especially v14, you need to go check out I guaran-damn-tee you'll see functions in that add on you'll want, and it really does speed up what's already the fastest assembling NLE out there.

    @altarvic on any Vegas forum (and to Vegas uses here) I would tell ALL Vegas Pro users to look at Vegasaur, Ultimate S and Excalibur since all are excellent products, around the same cost, and have largely overlapping feature sets. At least one of the three is a must-own for any Vegas user.

    I own and use both Vegasaur and Ultimate S myself. 

    Ultimate S's "killer feature" for me is it's multicam, which is, IMHO, far superior to the implementation directly in Vegas. My bread and butter is multicam event work (often for broadcast) , and Ultimate S let's me quickly knock out my cuts/dissolves with the aid of a Contour Shuttle Pro. Because Ultimate S basically makes a cuts list off markers and keeps any effects on the source tracks in the assembly (native Vegas multicam strips effects off the source clips when setting up multicam tracks), I can then color correct/match ONCE (on the source track, and I'll save a version of the project with the edit markers in case I need it) and the assembly propagates the color correction to the final mix.

    However, there's a bug in Ultimate S multicam (and VASST's stand-alone Infinicam) where an edit might end up on a field boundary instead of a frame boundary. So all of my Ultimate S multicam edits immediately bounce through Vegasaur's Quantize-to-frame, which pushes any field-edits to frame-edits!

    I'd really have to sit down and go through every feature of both side-by-side to give more comprehensive notes, but, in general, I came across Ultimate S first, and, for some things it's tab interface is better for me--tools that have lots of fields and customization are easier to deal with in a panel sharing a dock with Effects, Transitions, File Explorer and Media Pool. For "one and done" tools, Vegasaur's buttons on the toolbar are more convenient. Since some of Vegasaur's more complex tools become pop-up panels when selected, I might keep moving the tools around. 

    I'm fairly software agnostic: Vegas (with Vegasaur and Ultimate S) is my preferred editor, but I'll use Premiere or Avid when required for work. I'll even do quick cuts in Hitfilm sometimes. Hitfilm is my preferred compositor/VFX software , but I'll go into Ae (CS6) if I need tools Hitfilm lacks, or into Boris FX 10 if I need one of its unique effects. I'll use the best tool I have for the task at hand and never expect one program or plug-in to do everything. 

    Oh!  I prefer Vegasaur's auditing tools and archiving tools to Ultimate S, I prefer Ultimate S's Photo Montage/Moto Foto and batch rendering tools. But there's so much functionality to both, yeah, I'd have to go through the help docs to remember everything.

    @Aladdin4d anything to add while the Vegasaur dev is asking? 

  • @altarvic np. 

    And I split this into a new thread so the user asking the Ignite question didn't have to wade through a digression. 

  • @Triem23 You pretty well covered the high points with the big difference for me being I give the Ultimate S Photo Montage/Moto Foto a higher priority over multi-cam because my multi-cam work is usually limited to two cams and I can get by with the native Vegas tools. Having said that I do really prefer the Ultimate S multi-cam tools.

    Here's the thing though - I'm not sure I really need Photo Montage anymore because and I'm ashamed to say this, I just recently learned you can get to the same place with Vegasaur it's just not quite as in your face or intuitive. I'll try to be brief here but let's say you have 50-500 markers already set up and you're ready to import stills, drop them at the markers and set the duration to the next marker. In Ultimate S you go to the Photo Montage tab select the folder of your stills, set the placement and duration blah blah blah and click apply badda bing badda boom done. Easy and painless. At first glance Vegasaur doesn't seem to have anything like that but it does it's just a multi-step process. When you're at the same point import and bin the stills you want to use first. You can go Vegas native or use the Vegasaur importer just make sure these stills have a bin of their own. Now go to Vegasaur-->Editing-->Quick Properties. The top bar has a drop down for Target Objects so set that to Media and select your media bin, select the placement tab to set the placement properties and click apply. Now you can select events and change the Target Objects to Selected Events to apply other things like transitions. Movement can be handled by the Vegasaur Pan/Crop Assistant. Most everything is there you just have to bounce around more.

    What I'm missing the most is actually Timeline Tools. I like the notes tab, the spreadsheet style list for event selection and I prefer some of the marker manipulation tools it has.

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    Ultimate S 4.0 for Vegas was updated for Vegas 14 compatibility about 3 weeks ago. I just found out tonight!

    With Ultimate S, Ignite and Vegasaur are working in Vegas 14, it's looking like I might be able to blow 13 off the system...

    Nice because my drive space is getting lower than I'd like and blowing off old software is a good way to free up drive space... Now... How many versions of Hitfilm could I remove? (Answer, none, because I keep older versions around to answer user questions)

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