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Hi guys,

I have a need to morph from one person to another, in a movie not me personally :-) A medium shot (head a shoulders sort of thing in case I got the terminology wrong) will be what I'm using. I can get away with freezing the frame if necessary.   Is this possible in hitfilm? I have 4Pro. May get 2017 soon but I don't think that would help with this shot.

All sane and polite suggestions gratefully received.

thanks in advance


  • Hitfilm doesn't have a morph effect. 

    Re:Vision's Re:Flex is the only third-party plug-in I can think of that would allow you to Morph in Hitfilm.

    Otherwise there's various free or cheap stand-alone morphing packages, but, since most of them are a decade old I'd not expect them to work well

  • Seems like Re:flex is only available for aftereffects and fusion studio. Not that I can afford it for my hobbyist needs, but just saying. :-)

  • Oh there has to be an APP for this surely, a classic effect.

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    Years ago, I had to do a Morph effect in a film and used a free stand alone program called WinMorph.

    If I remember rightly, I imported in two .BMP files and after completing the animation, exported it as a sequence of .BMPs.

  • If you google morphing app there is a tone of face ones and even some actual applications. Must be something.

  • So, there is no HitFilm plug-in. 

    What if you try with a simple "opacity" transition, with masking + chromenator added to both clips, some bulge, even displacement?

  • Not sure it would work perfectly for faces, but I have done exactly than when duplicating one of Tobias's (Surfaced Studio on YouTube) tutorials in HF Express, where he's used AE's Liquify tool. Half a dozen bulges around something can push it around close enough for horseshoes and for something that's only on screen for less than a second... ;)

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Just for the record WinMorph does still work even though it's been 15 years since the last update!

    Some type of warp(s) + opacity transition is the closest HitFilm native option. This thread covers the basics of faking a mesh warp

  • Would the BCC Video Morph from BCC 10 work with HitFilm?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @videonaut Boris's webpage does not list Hitfilm as a compatible host. It's possible only the bundled 3D Objects unit works in Hitfilm. I suppose you could try the demo for OFX?

    Side note: Man, Boris chose a really poor example to use on their website to show off the morphing. Really, really, terrible. Amazingly bad.

  • @Triem23 LOL I know I noticed, as if they did not really want to market it!

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