2017pro Issue boris eps extruder in viewer wrong position

its the same issue like ht4pro that was fixed. with boris 3d text (i not find my bugreport in forum. must be end 2014 begin2015).

when i turn the viewer to half, positioning the boris eps, then switch to full view, the position of eps is move to wrong position (left up). change to half, the position is correct.


  • I can confirm this bug report. I tried BCC Extruded text. The viewer is only correct in Full. Half and Quarter are bad.

    Yep, same bug as happened in Hitfilm 4 and BCC. Newblue titler Pro as well.

  • AdyAdy Staff
    edited November 2016

    @chriguf - Thanks for reporting this, I have logged this for our team to take a look at.

  • @Ady um. The similar issue in HF4 ended up being patched at the Boris end, I believe. Perhaps whatever Hitfilm tuning they did in BCC9 didn't get moved into BCC 10. This issue in HF4 came up after BCC 10 released?

    Either way, someone should talk to Boris. 

  • @Triem23 - Yes, that is true, when I say I've logged for 'our team to look at', that includes BorisFX as we are working directly with them. 

    We investigate all issues, and whilst it is possible that a fix wasn't ported over, we don't know till we start looking. And of course anything we do find will be passed on as we talk to them pretty much every day.

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