Lag and Choppy Playback when Scopes panel is open

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When working in Pro 2017 I am finding that any clip of any size that I try to play in the Viewer Window plays choppy and with lag in any workspace layout (Classic, Composite, All Panels) except Edit. Any clip of any size plays nice and smoothly in Edit, but in none of the other workspace layouts. I have never had this happen in any of my other versions of Hitfilm (going back to 2 Ultimate). Even if I adjust the size of the window, there is no change. The Media Trimmer Window plays anything in the Media Panel with no choppiness or lag. It is a very interesting situation. Any ideas?

EDIT by Cedric: changed the title for clarity. Was "Lag and Choppy Playback in Any Workspace Layout Except Edit".


  • I think I figured it out. It is because of the Scopes tab. Even if the tab is not highlighted and visible, it still puts a drag on the video. If I remove the scopes tab, then it plays just fine. Thanks everybody!

  • That's a good tip to know, however. 

  • Still HF probably should not be updating/repainting any window which is not visible. The scopes are visual feedback and if not visible then...

    Those updates add overhead which can affect performance. Actually the OS will ignore literal paints for windows not visible but HF is doing computations to figure out what/where to paint and the OS cannot block that.

  • Right. My solution is to remove the Scopes tab from the workspace layout and then save it as "Name - No Scopes." So for my favorite layout, "Classic," I have called it "Classic - No Scopes." Then it previews great! If I need to use the scopes, I will just go to the normal "Classic."

  • @HitfilmSensei thanks for reporting this, I'll have a look on Monday.

    FYI HitFilm doesn't try to paint the scopes when the panel isn't visible but it must be doing some unnecessary work.

  • @CedricBonnier I appreciate your response, and thanks for all of your hard work! Pro 2017 is really great!

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