Pulp Sci-Fi Title Crawl bug?

edited November 2016 in Pro Support


in Hitfilm2017 i've encountered a strange behavior

1 - make a new project

2  - add a plane in your composite shot

3 - add a pulp sci-fi title crawl effect

4 - click either on teaser, épisode number or épisode title (they're bugging the same way) once you've emptied totally the fields, there is no way you can type in these fields again.

the only workaround i've found now, is not emptying the fields totally. i leave a letter, type the new title and then delete the letter that you don't need.

as the problem don't occur on fields that have an "A" button to type text, maybe adding this kinda button in regard of all the fields will correct it.

anyway hitfilm2017 is cool and now the ignite effects are found in my installation of première and after effects wich was not the case in earlier version.

Good job




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