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In Vegas Pro 14, I right clicked a clip to bring up the option to "add hitfilm effect" wich would launch the clip in HF 4. Now that HF 2017 is installed, I do not see that option anymore. Is it launched somewhere else or has thisfeature not been added in yet?


  • This is something that could probably use clarification on the product page, and I tag @AxelWilkinson to sanity check me, but I know installation order matters. I think Hitfilm needs to be installed before Vegas? 

  • Previous version had HF installed after Vegas to install a plugin to Vegas. 

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    HitFilm integration of version 2017 works for me in Vegas Pro 14, but:

    - I cannot not send grafic files like JPEG (I think it worked with HitFilm Pro 4 but I can't get integration of Pro 4 back to test).

    - Every now and then the HitFilm take in Vegas Pro goes offline and there seems to be no way to get it back. But even in case it does not go offline it seems Vegas Pro only reads one single frame, rest of clip/take is black.

    Tested with demo version of HitFilm Pro 2017.

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    @Avalon - Image files do not work with the integration & are not supported. This functionality has not changed & was the same as HitFilm 4.

    I'm not sure what you mean by Offline? As far as I'm aware the Vegas integration will not work with a Demo version of the HitFilm Pro 2017 software. This again hasn't changed since HitFilm 4.

  • Did the installation order change? For HF 4 you had to install Vegas first, then hitfilm. I did this order with HF 2017, but the HF integration doesn't show up in Vegas. 

  • @schuessd no, the order hasn't changed. Install Vegas 14 and then HitFilm Pro 2017.

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    There is a new version (201) of vegas pro 14... problems with the integration of hitfilm should be solved...

  • As Andreas says, Magix reports that Hitfilm integration is fixed with today's update.

  • You guys are just plain awesome.

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    They also threw in this total surprise:

    • ProRes rendering capabilities including presets
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    My Vegas Pro 14 (build 201) still can't read HitFilm project files after I bought the HitFilm Pro 2017 lisence and activated HitFilm Pro 2017. So the workflow from Vegas Pro to HitFilm Pro and back still doesn't work.
    Mmh, now I de-installed HF Pro 4 and then it works. Seems like there is a conflict in Vegas Pro when both HF Pro 4 and HF Pro 2017 are installed.

    But next issue arises: Now HitFilm adds three frames to the clip coming from Vegas Pro.

  • @Avalon - What type of clip are you using? 

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