(2017)Mocha in demo & HDR in general (Resolved)

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Hey guys, nice update. I haven't purchased the software yet but I am looking to. That being said, is Mocha supported on the demo version of 2017? I can't seem to find it in the effects. 

Any time table for HDR support, H.265, Rec.2020, etc. 

I realize not many people are going HDR right now, but most editing systems are starting to fully support it. Doesn't really effect my decision, just curious. 



  • The third party effect/plug-ins in Hitfilm (mocha, BCC) are not active in demo mode. FxHome really is not going to pay the authors their license fee in the Hitfilm free demo mode and it seems the authors do not allow the plug-in function in demo mode without a paid license.

  • Mocha and Boris are non-functional in the demo version. Licensing is a pain. 

    No firm answers on HDR or h.265 (I'm not staff), but with the 32 bit color depth, I would speculate HDR is in the pipeline. I am pretty sure rec 2020 is in the works, since the Scopes can be configured for rec 604, 709 or 2020 colorspace. 

  • Cineform renders can handle HDR (aka > 8-bit). Also, OpenEXR Image sequences can handle this. 

    As of now AVC/H.264 is only 8-bit and no HEVC/H.265 at all.

    Hitfilm is basically full range and not color managed. The new scopes can inform you of the range of your data but the exports may alter this. On Windows if you export MP4/AVC Hitfilm always converts to studio levels from full range. Image sequences, PNG or OpenEXR, stay unchanged. This being, last I tested, which is a while ago but I doubt it's changed.

  • I wonder if there are plans for ACES support. If not, I guess we should add it to the wish list. :)


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