HitFilm Pro 2017 support in Vegas Pro 13? (Resolved)

Does anyone know if this new version will work with Sony Vegas Pro13, or just the new Magix version 14. All that is listed on the website is the Magix version but it is too buggy to invest in just yet, but would like to move on Hitfilm 2017. Thanks for any help


  • It should work with any OpenFX host as well as Adobe. The plug-ins pretty much work with any host that loads them.

    The Vegas 14 connection is regarding the integration of Hitfilm onto the Vegas timeline.  "Hitfilm" 2017 probably only integrates with Vegas 14.

  • Thanks, guess I was unclear, yes the timeline integration is what I was interested in not just the OFX function which as you state Norman, should work wherever OFX will work. Thanks

  • Your title stated Hitfilm Ignite, which are the plug-ins for other apps. Hitfilm itself and Ignite are separate.

  • Yup, being sleepy, sorry. Come of living nine time zones from the nearest Whataburger. Somewhere east of nowhere, in deepest darkest Africa.

  • The integration in Vegas 13 was busted at the Vegas end. Given the change of publisher it's safe to say that this will never be patched in Vegas 13.

    @Palacono has a workaround that fixed HF3 and 4 integration in Vegas 13. I've not tested it with HFP2017, but have reason to think it won't work. 

    In Sony's versions of Vegas there were system calls to parameters named "Sony.Vegas." Under Magix these parameters have been given more generic names, but this is why pre Vegas 14 scripts don't work in 14. It might effect Hitfilm integration as well, but I just don't know. 

  • Thanks Triem, I was pretty sure that was true but wanted to check. I already knew about the of system calls from following the forum in Magix Vegas. Just wasn't sure if the Hitfilm team had been able to make it work with both versions. Not a problem. Thanks, question answered.

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