Files from Gh4 are played slow in HFP2017

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files from GH4 are played really slow, choppy (100mbit, MOV, FullHD; internal codec) - is it normal or should I convert them to ProRes?

At the same time, the same files are played smoothly even in Davinci Resolve, Vegas.

I have to say that ProRes support is awesome, because 4K ProRes files are played smoothly.


  • @Arek do those files play okay in HF4?

  • This might help. It relates GH4 experience in HF4. Don't know yet about Hitfilm 2017.

  • Nope, I did check it, and it doesn't work well.

    Changing mov to mp4 didn't help as well.

    I guess that the best option is to convert files to ProRes. It is a pain in the butt when it comes to available drive space.

  • Hey @Arek, do you have a few (small) files with this issue you could send our way? If you could we'll work it in to our development cycles to see what improvements we can make our end. Thanks again to @NormanPCN for his help too.

  • @Arek - Thanks for the upload, I'll take a look at this right now!

    Many Thanks,

  • I tried those files. They had problems on my 4Ghz 4770k quad core. They are harsh on a couple of levels. One file was 4K and for 4k real time editing you really need a top PC. Others are 50 fps and high frame rate is about as harsh as 4k. Just in a different way. Finally the files are hard to decode AVC.

    You mention Prores support and that is only on the Mac Hitfilm, AFAIK, but you also mention Vegas which only runs on Windows so I wonder if you have a couple of PCs in use here. Mac and Windows. Hitfilm Mac has native Prores and Hitfilm Windows has native Cineform AVI.

    I mention this since my tests with Quicktime AVC decode is only regarding Windows. Qt on the Mac probably performs fine and that could be why you saw no diff on the MOV to MP4 rename. Or maybe 2017 took my suggestion to bypass Qt, at least on Windows.

    Hitfilm is not the fastest/efficient editor out there and it needs some help with the harsh decode stuff. 4k or high frame rate. Converting to Prores/DNxHD/Cineform can and will certainly help with maybe a 4x increase in file size. A low overhead AVC transcode will also help out. I tried my handy dandy low overhead AVC transcode and it did well for me. Quickie test.

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    Yes, I'm using 2 PC, but so far I did check it only on my laptop (i7, 4700qm, Gt750, WIN 10), and HitFilm plays ProRes 4K files with no problem (you did a really good job Hifilm team!), even better than Vegas 14 - for sure I was using ProRes files from Ursa Mini 4K.


    Here is the another file from GH4 (fullhd, 25p, 50mbit, mov):

    choppy, still choppy (even when I change preview setting to quarter).

  • Yes, Hitfilm on Windows can play Prores files via Quicktime. Same as always and similar to playing DNxHD/HR via Quicktime.

    Are you saying that you do not have Quicktime installed on Windows and Prores files still play in Hitfilm?

  • I have Quicktime installed on Windows. You're right.

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