Burning to DVD

So after editing a wedding video that is about two hours it just dawned on me that copying it to a DVD may not be the best option. 

Anyone have any suggestions for the best way to hand the finished video to my client with the best quality?




  • Two hours.... dam that's mamoth. Not sure what the average wedding video is but that seems big, hope you got some chapter points in that sucker.

    What does your client want? DVD is the most common medium. You could USB stick it for them, but that does rather limit the play back options.

    Good luck.

  • @Andy001z I dunno. Most of my weddings are 2 to 2.5 hours. But I've never been the editor to cut everything to a "highlights" reel. 5-10 min of prep and pre-ceremomy. Most ceremonies are 30-40 min (longer for Catholic or Hindu), maybe 5-10 min of location B-roll/cocktail hour. Grand Entrance is usually close to 5 min. First Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Father/Daughter Dance will be 10-15. Maybe 5 min each for garter, bouquet and cake cutting. Looking at about an hour and a half right there. Parent, Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches, attendee testimonials and drunk dancing easily takes that up to 2 hours... 

  • Well that told me... that's one heck of a sitting. Mind you people like to get value for money and 2hrs is value.

  • Haha, this made me laugh. It ended up being over 8GB I'm running to the store to look for a larger disc >.< it's due today  in a few hours lol

  • Just some thoughts as I read that you've already delivered the DVD.

    Once I spread a Wedding across two standard DVDs. The couple where happy about it as it allowed me to keep the picture quality high.

    If the couple have a BluRay Player - I encoded a long Wedding as MP4 and got a file of about 4Gb. I burnt this to a standard DVD. (No menu or chapter markers). It plays fine on a BD Player but NOT on a standard DVD player.  Great quality and the couple where happy.

  • Silly me, I remembered that I could use a dual layer dvd to burn the movie. Weird thing though, I had to render the video a couple of times, but each time the file got bigger until it was too big for even the DL disc. 

    I'd promised to have the disc for her by monday, so to save time I ended up having to burn it in 720 :(

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