Audio problems

So i have been using the free version of Hitfilm4 Express for a few months now and i have faced some audio issues. 

When trying to import some files the audio just isn't there. I ty changing the file format from MP4 to AVI and still nothing. 

What is even more confusing is that some other files with the same audio format , sample rate and audio codec work fine while others have no sound. 

Any ideas? 


  • do the same files that fail in Hitfilm work in say Media player or VLC?

  • Yep, sound works perfect when i play the videos in VLC

  • Odd, is this in the Editor or Composit?

    Try loading a working file into the Editor, then add the one with the issue behind, just in case the sound was somehow being muted.

  • edited November 2016

    Its in the Edittor , and no i still get no sound.

    The Audio format btw is 16 bit-Mono , with  48000hz sample rate and ACC codec (if this information could in any way help)


  • was there ever a solution to this, I am having a similar issue.


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