My first attempt with Hitfilm 4 Pro

Hello guys,

I am working with iClone and the following short movie was edited with Hitfilm. My other movies were edited with Magix Video Pro X. The quality of Hitfilm is significantly better.

Enjoy and have fun.



  • @MagicFrog Very nicely done, especially for a first time hitfilmer! Looks like you did your homework to get the scenes nicely put together. And I been wondering where David Tennant has been ;) Keep up the good work.

  • How long did this take you to do? It's a massive undertaking with loads of different 3D models and VFX - well done for sticking with it!
    Looks really promising - hope to see more from you soon :)

  • Thank you FlyingBanana and Kirstie T for the nice words.

    I love Doctor Who, so he had to visit my short film.

    It last about 4 months for this episode to create, render and edit the szenes.

    I like Hitfilm because it is simple to understand and powerful to work.


  • Nice work some good shots in there 

  • @MagicFrog Kudos and keep it up fellow, check this out and see what you make of it; I think this will be right up your street :) 

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