After The Lens

Hello everyone!

So... I've been working on this short film, "Exhale". Just thought that this would be a good place for feedback. (It's on a google drive)

Thanks so much!!



  • Thanks for sharing! Very nice work - reminded me a lot of Gravity-style threat. 
    You've got a nice control over keyframing your 3D models so that they interact well with each other, and your audio was well done. The only thing I'd say needed to be changed at this point would be the 'emergence' of the astronaut into space from the station. They suddenly pop out of nowhere - if you're not able to get the station to open or move, then I'd suggest making the astronaut appear from BEHIND the model, so that the viewer's mind can fill in the blanks and assume they came out of a hatch or something. 
    Otherwise - really good! Hope that helped :)

  • Ok- cool! Thanks so much- yeah, I had a choice with the zip folder I got from TF3DM- either an untextured completed customizable model or an (almost) static model with every thing set up. (& I chose the easy route)

    Thanks so much!


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