Ground Control-We're On a Roll!

Hello everyone!

So, I have this project I'm working on in HF, which involves an astronaut. What effects would you suggest using for a houston-style voice? Also- I have 1 microphone for 2 actors (houston+ the astronaut)- any tips on how to record this? I'm planning on just sharing the mic (an iPhone), and simply cutting the clips, and only applying the effects to the parts I need- but is there another/ better way to do this?




  • @Behind_The_Lens well you should be fine with the iPhone, most phones have decent mics for voice. I guess things to remember is location of recording, background noise, either do it somewhere super quite and add in some background ambenice later (e.g. Control room chatter, or space ship hum). As to making the voices sound like they are over a radio then Audacity is the goto on this, it has a telephone effect that can be tweaked. Or there might even be an app for the iPhone. Lastly remember signal delay, if this is meant to be real then the radio signals have to travel and this causes delay.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks! Amazing advice as always.

  • If it were me, I would use three phones. Have Ground control call the astronaut (from another room), and put the astronaut's phone on speakerphone mode. Then, set up your recording phone next to the speakerphone, and record the conversation.

  • Aha! Good idea! (Although, since I only have 1 phone to record with, that would be tough)

  • Surely you know at least two other people who own phones? 

    Faking it in post is a good option as well, though. It gives you full control over how much interference/distortion is present, to ensure that the dialog is still understandable, while still giving the effect you are after.

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