video and audio tracks

Is it possible to get more than just 3 video and audio tracks in hitfilm 4 express


    edited September 2016

    Yes, perhaps your timeline is a bit too small so that you don't see them.


    To add more layers, simply drag a new clip above the existing clip (layer).

    You can also right click and insert more layers like so:

    Same thing goes for audio. It's even going to add 1x audio track and 1x video track if your clip consists of both audio and video.

  • You can have as many tracks in the NLE as you want. There is more than one way to create a track.

    You can right click the track title header and choose to create a new track from there. You can drag media to an empty spot on the timeline. Top of video or bottom of audio. A new track will be created. For this you might need to scroll and/or resize the track panel to get that empty space.

  • Right clicked worked for me thanks 

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