John Smith Dematerialisation - Landing at the heart of FXHome.

Ok I'll start with a simple reason for this post, I'm not looking to travel to Norwich, it's more to do with 'not on the map' 

I have been working on an advertisement for my new Tardis model and I've been working on one of JohnSmiths VFX shots, the thing is this chap is someone I consider a precision artist, pulling off one of his shots is time consuming, difficult and render heavy but I'm hopeful that I've pulled it off.

I need to land the Tardis and I don't want it to be any old location, I tried to find a suitable image on google maps to find a similar image close to or right on the doorstep of FXHome and it has proven none existent and even if I did it would likely be stamped with copyright or be of low detail,  

This is the most realistic/lifelike shot I've ever done and really want that last element to fit well/have some meaning, if anyone at FXHome could shoot a decent parallel picture I'd be extremely grateful, I'll multi tag staff after this paragraph :)

What I mean by parallel I guess is to have a clear space in the middle of the picture be it road/gravel and objects side to side like cars, trees or whatever you guys have sat outside your premises, a bit like this ( this way I can end the shot by landing the Tardis practically flatline and upright, I'm guessing the average tripod at full hight will cover this, I'm also working in 4k so the image quilty will likely need to be from the DSLR.

I hope you guys can help on this, I know it's probably the oddest request but I promise it's worth it  :)

@KirstieT @JoshDaviesCEO @DanielGWood ;



  • How about a Spherical pano? Or would you rather have a flat image for projection?


    Are you doing... This?

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    @Triem23 If having a Spherical panoramic that then would indeed give me much more headroom to pan the camera to reveal the building and it's branding not only that but looking at the Image and the current season conditions will allow me to simulate  the overall environment better :)

    'Are you doing... This? ' It could be! Who knows? 'Taps nose' :3

  • I hate to say it, but the exterior of the FXHOME offices are not particularly photogenic (nor overly branded). Like Torchwood Three, it's all part of our mystique. Just round the corner though it's a bit prettier:,1.2920093,3a,75y,219.44h,89.52t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1sohHX5S6drRVTgO0fQkRztg!2e0!6s//!7i13312!8i6656

  • @DanielGWood yeah, well didn't stop the wifey and I on honeymoon from taking a ton of pictures around a fountain while mostly neglecting the rather stunning Millennium Center. ;-) 

  • @Triem23 Oh, WOW!  I wish I had the skills to do a shot like that for my paltry, little gender reveal video I did for my daughter.  That was great!  I couldn't even figure out how to get the light on top to light or blink.  You really stuck the landing on that; I give a 10.

  • @tddavis I WISH that was mine! That's the (infamous) YouTube VFX artist known as John Smith. That was my guess for what NxVisual is going to recreate.

  • Ah, I'll have to do a search for him.  He is great.  Thanks for the info.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator
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    Well, follow the vid through to youtube and you can find him right there. :-)

  • @Triem23 I'd be doing the same ha!

  • @DanielGWood I see, originally I thought it was near or on the hotel premises, I'm not too fussed with aesthetics everything can be made to look pretty :D As @Triem23 has done in the past I could superimpose the company brandin, if all else fails landing inside the building could be an option?   *Disclaimer; I will not be responsible for any property being inadvertently crushed, gravitational tidal forces or even landing on one of the staff thus causing them to be permanently trapped in the horizon transition wibbly wobbly*  ;)

    @tddavis ;Let's hope whatever I'm doing passes as a 1 ;) 

  • @NXVisualStudio  Well since my skills are far below 1, I suspect your project will be exponentially better by far, and I also suspect it'll score far higher than 1 even from the Russian judge. 

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
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    I see they have Free WiFi at Casaccio's Cafe Deli

    (I think I just spent way too much time virtually wandering up and down St. Giles St. on that Google maps link) :)

  • @Stargazer54 ditto. 

  • Wait a minute @DanielGWood is it the selesti building?

    @Stargazer54 And cake! 

    @tddavis I'll await your Russian judgement 

  • Tony it's St. Giles house, 27 St. Giles St.

    Norwich, of course. 

  • KirstieTKirstieT Staff
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    Man, oh man - I can't wait to see the Tardis land in St Giles Street :) 

  • @KirstieT having seen Tony's rough version, you guys should totally get him a better quality image than Google Maps. ;-) 

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    Hi guys here are some upto date ish renders of the progress

    @KirstieT I really wish I could but I can't find anything that fits the bill on google:/  

    @Triem23 I have a backup in place but I'd rather it be a real location, suggestions dear boy :) 

  • @Stargazer54 sadly Casaccio's has now closed down (maybe someone overused the wifi?)

    @NXVisualStudio so now you've seen the street, do you actually want a photo of it? From which angle? I'm happy to wander out with my SLR sometime.

  • @DanielGWood That would be amazing, if anything I could land it right outside the metal doors, from the bellow

    This is at average full tripod  height, If you could get an image without people in it from the other side of the road - pointing the camera directly at the doors I reckon it's a good shot to pull off, on the landing scene the building will segment into the shot first like individual objects as it did in john smith's render where you see the tree trunks fly in first.

    there's a metal plaque on the wall next to the door, does this have FXHome written on it? It's blurred out on google maps so I can't tell, 

    I'll be sure to credit you in this :D Thank you! 

  •  Quick Update;

    @DanielGWood Has very kindly provided me with the assets required to finish the shot, not only that but he also provided enough data to reconstruct the front facing side of the street in 3DS Max to then place into hitfilm, Dan also thinks he will get away with the offer of me getting a round in, English slang for 'buying the Beers', one way or another I shall see to it this happens ;)

    Thank you dear fellow!  

  • This is something I have very much enjoyed recreating and probably the most technically challenging, The idea was to create something of a similar perspective but this time we take a trip from Italy right onto the doorstep of FXHome. 

    I could tell from the origional that 'JohnSmith' was aiming for interstellar so I kept onboard and made an attempt at the vortex design from the first blackhole scene in interstellar, although it was render heavy I think it was worth the shot :D

    So I hope you enjoy and for now I'll take a break but you never know I might be the next Junior creative ;) That would be cool, I could teach you to make things go boom <3 

    It wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for this storm trooper @DanielGWood , cheers bro. 

    @KirstieT @JoshDaviesCEO The key is above the 'Police public call box' sign to the left, Good luck. :)

  •  Impressive as always, buddy. I'm wowed. Now release that Star tutorial, chop-chop! My own Doctor Who short is on hold waiting for it. 

    Although l point out you're using Hartnell audio and a Capaldi TARDIS... Hartnell's didn't have the stupid "T" in the ndow panes. ;-) 

  • Nice one, love how that's turned out Tony!

    I was watching The Dalek Invasion of Earth (1964) only the other week in fact, I haven't seen much Hartnell Who, but really enjoyed that one.

  • Somebody find me a surgen my jaw just fell off!!

  • Whole lotta YES!!! Love it! :)

  • tasty

  • @Triem23 Yes my dear boy you must always run back to your routes, to find that you belong somewhere and to go forward in all your beliefs....One day.

    I lost half of the audio somehow so it didn't quite start out as it should have. 

    2017 will see the start of the main tutorials, currently my camera equipment is unusable due to the SD card being lodged in the insert, the little lock slider popped out and jammed the entire card in the camera :( but I'll get around it.

    You won't have to wait long chap I promise ;) 

    @DanielGWood Breakdown? I'm glad you approve, there was a moment I cracked up during the modeling, in one of the lower ISO images you can see the guy in the shop behind you giving you a right funny look :D 

    I remember that episode pretty well, I just feel sorry for the poor chap who had to walk that heap of metal under water to the surface! The daleks back then were so crude "Stop feeding the earth pests" 

    @Andy001z  I'm so very sorry Dear fellow, I do hope you recover soon ;) 

    @spydurhank This is most pleasing to hear, how's the modeling coming chap?

    @Stargazer54 ;

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